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Live Your Tuscany

In about 1480, Lorenzo il Magnifico purchased the villa on the river Ombrone in Poggio a Caiano from the Rucellai family of Florence. Lorenzo commissioned a new building, planned bu Giuliano da Sangallo.The result was the very archetype f the Renaissance villa, which became the model for later country houses. The villa is surrounded by a broad terrace at the piano nobile level. Inside, frescos by Pontormo, Fraciabigio, Andrea del Sarto and Alessandro Allori.

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Located in the heart of the Chianti Region, Montespertoli (25 km approx. far from Florence) is one of the most important locations famous for its wine and oil.
Here you may discover also art jewels such as medieval castles (Lucardo, Botinaccio, Poppiano, Montefugonnie, Sonnino), churches such as Pieve San Pietro in Mercato, San Martino and San Giusto a Lucardo. The art of Renaissance is still visible in the Church of Sant'Andrea in Montespertoli and San Lorenzo in Montegufoni where the major altar is dominated by a crucifix of Taddeo Gaddi.
Typical products of the area are: Chianti wine of Montespertoli, Chinati wine of colli Fiorentini, Exravirgin oil d.o.c. and Vis Santo wine.

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One kilometer before Panzano a little road to the right leads to Pieve di San Leonino, of Romanesque style but with an elegant 16th century portico,. Numerous are the works of art within it: the Madonna and Child with Saints, a 13th century altar frontal attributed to the Florentine painter Meliore di Jacopo, a 14th century Madonna and Child by the so - called master of Panzano, and the wonderful triptych of the Madonna and Child with Saints painted byu the Florentine Mariotto di Nardo in 1421.

Would you like more information about the Chianti area? Small nice towns await you! Rolling hills and delicious wine are the setting of this fantastic place.

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How can you experience Tuscany?

We would give you some tip:

* A truly unique experience is the world's most crazy rope swings on the apuan Alps. An amazing experience dandling over a breathtaking cliff.
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* Canyoning in Garfagnana an adventure climbing down into mountain depths and rocky water slides.
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* Climbing the Apuan Alps an exiting sport, the incredibile amazing climbs await you.
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* Trekking, bike, horse just choose your favourite activity and we create the best itinerary for you.
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The leaning tower is not only the campanile or bell tower of the cathedralk but the symbol of the whole city.
It owes its popularity mainly to the fact that it leans over at an alarming angle, making it famous throughout the world.
The foundation dates from 9 August 1173. The Bell - Tower is the only one of the monuments in the piazza not to have an inscription giving the name of the architect responsable for its construction. The plans are traditionally attributed, also by Giorgio vasari, in his Lives, to Bonanno Pisano.
A complex and lenghty work of consolidation was recently undertaken and today it's still possible to climb up the tower and enjoy of the wonderful view of the city.

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Once rich Etruscan center, at a short distance from Carmignano, Artimino was reborn as a castle around the One Thousand, then to be transformed over the centuries into a pleasant rural town with a Romanesque Pieve just beyond the village, named for San Leonardo and founded, legend has it, by Matilde di Canossa. The town is announced by a high crenellated tower-gate, from which stretches a long tree-lined avenue that, following the curve of the ridge, leads to Villa La Ferdinanda – today the site of conferences and cultural events – known also as the Villa of the Hundred Chimneys. The name derives from Grand Duke Ferdinando dè Medici, who commissioned the project of Bernardo Buontalenti, who between 1596 and 1600 marked these splendid hills with a magnificent artistic seal.

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Starting from the 17th century and throughout the 19th, the hills to the northeast of Lucca were covered with sumptuous residences, leaving a heritage today of nearly tree hundred aristocratic mansions immersed in magnificent gardens.
Among the most grandiose of these are the Royal Villa of Marlia, Villa Mansi at Segromigno in Monte and the Villa Torrigiani at Camigliano with a park in which survie enchanting Baroque places, suche as the Garden of Flora.

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The broad hollow surrounding the town of Greve in Chianti is dominated by the Castle of Montefioralle, a fortified village with a sentinel's round on which face the few houses of which it is composed. At the top of the village, beside the ancient castle keep, the church of Sant Stefano contains notable works of art, first among them a Madonna Enthroned with Child of the late 13th century Florentine school, which is accompanied by a 15th century gold leaf panel with the Trinity and Saints attribuited to Master of the Fiesole Epiphany.

Everyone knows the legend about the sword in the stone.
English you say?
Not really.
Studies prove that long before the legend of King Arthur a mysterious "sword in the stone" was thrust into a rock near Siena by a Medieval knight.

This famous sword, of which only the hilt and an inch or two of blade are visible, is now preserved at the Gothic abbey of San Galgano at Montesiepi, about 30 km from Siena. The Cistercian abbey, today in ruins, was built in honor of St Galgano, a 12th-century Tuscan nobleman. He gave up a life of luxury , of "arrogance, lust and violence" to become a hermit after having a vision of the Archangel Michael.
Enjoy the mystery, the legend, the atmosphere!

If you are looking to visit Tuscany on a budget just follow our tips:

- Have a look at Florence with a guide. A daily group tour of 90 minutes to give you an introduction of the city.
2000 years of history that will allow you to enjoy the gems of this magnificent city. After that you can choose to continue the tour with a guide or on your own! Click here for more information

- Visit some of the best landscapes of Tuscan in a day! Yes it is absolutely possible! Day trip from Florence to Siena, San Gimignano and Chianti to let you discover the essence of Tuscany: art, culture, countryside and of course its delicious wine. Click here for more information!

- Are you looking for something special? We have an experience that you'll remember forever! From the Alps of Tuscany a swing dangling over a breathtaking cliff! Click here for more information!

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